Getting Married on a Monday?

Posted on Aug 19, 2020

As Saturdays in 2021 get scarce from all the moved 2020 weddings plus normal bookings, we have noticed a rise in requests for Monday weddings.
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Baby's Breath in Wedding Design

Posted in Wedding Blog on Apr 19, 2020

Baby's Breath has stepped out in wedding style: sporting colors, starring in cloud-like poufs, and incredible bouquets
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Sustainable Wedding featured in Southern Bride

Posted on Apr 10, 2020

An Earth-friendly, Boho wedding set in early Spring stepped out in style
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How to Get Creative with your Elopement

Posted on Mar 20, 2020

The beautiful thing about elopements is aside from saying “I do,” is that there are no written rules.
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Mountain Wedding Style

Posted on May 02, 2019

A few months ago, we spoke to floral designer extraordinaire Evan Leggoe of Thicket Creative about doing a wedding shoot. Evan recently moved to Chattanooga from Atlanta, and is building her business locally. We had a shared dream of stringing carnations on a line, like you see on temples in India. From there, Evan pulled together the most amazing group of vendors: Dresses: Monicas Bridal | Hair: Shaina Ramsey Beauty | Makeup: Gabriella Bordo | Furnishings/Tableware: Ramblewood Events | Florals: Thicket Creative | Photography: OK Crowe (Rachael Crowe) & Wonderly Creative (YeeWon Wil...
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Events and Learning Workshops Near Chattanooga, Tennessee

Posted in Blog, Events on Apr 16, 2019

At Oakleaf Cottage, we're all about growth. We hope that our workshops are a way for creatives, teachers and life-long learners to come together in growth and connection. Our property offers a mental reset and change of pace - the perfect environment to focus and relax.
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A Wedding Vendor Dinner

Posted on Mar 19, 2019

What’s better than seeing a wedding head table setting idea? How about six of them, from six different wedding pros! Better yet, this included a styled shoot, and a dinner party for wedding vendors. We work events together, but don’t really get a moment to talk or get to know each other very well. With wedding season starting in full at the start of April, the timing was perfect! Photos by Life with a View Studio unless otherwise marked. Table designed by Wildflower Wedding Planning There were so many beautiful tables! Red Roof Farm Vintage Rentals Summerfield Studio Floral Design Divine Des...
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It’s Painted White!

Posted in Wedding Blog on Mar 01, 2019

For several months… ok, a year… maybe more, I’ve wanted to paint the barn white inside. To me, the dark rustic-ness didn’t fit the Cottage or feel seamless with it. The Cottage is bright and happy inside, and a little trendy. The red oak in the barn didn’t feel that way. We had the trendy lighting (which is easier to see now, and I loooooove that) but it didn’t jump out well against the natural walls. Now I feel like all of our black hardware makes a statement, and the brick in our floors is more apparent as well. Brick will be in a few places throughout the venue as we keep adding. It add...
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Our Fave Wedding Trends

Posted in Wedding Blog on Dec 14, 2018

Making the jump from interior design to loving all kinds of wedding design has been a pretty short hop-skip over. We’re always keeping an eye on the trends to see what the latest is, and to dream up our latest take on all the styles. Pampass Grass Green Wedding Shoes Long the semi-hated yard staple, these giant puffs of fluff have breathed hot new life into floral installations. We’ve found images of them flowing down the aisle, bursting in beautiful wedding bouquets, and adding billowy greatness to the wedding arbor. We love it all. Green Wedding Shoes   Green Wedding Shoe...
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Sanity Saving Tips for Planning your Wedding

Posted on Dec 07, 2018

Congratulations, you’re getting married! Seconds after anyone sees your ring or hears the news, the very next questions are all about the wedding. Suddenly everything from the guest list to how the ceremony should proceed is on your plate, and what seems like a million decisions big and small are demanding your attention. How can you not feel overwhelmed? First off – take a few moments to just enjoy being a happy engaged couple, and don’t let “The Wedding” take over your life. It’s easy to let that happen, but the wedding is part ceremony, and part celebration, of your life together. Before...
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