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When Should You Book Your Wedding Venue

Posted in Wedding Advice on Jul 20, 2024

How far in advance should you book your wedding venue? This varies by location and season -- so we've decided to share what will work best for our venue and to an extent, the Chattanooga area to help you snag the date and season you really want.
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How to Prepare for a Wedding Venue Tour

Posted in Wedding Advice on Jul 16, 2024

Many couples have a little nervousness around their first tour -- what should you expect, and what questions should you ask?
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What to Wear to a Wedding

Posted in Wedding Advice on Jul 08, 2024

What should you wear to a wedding? Nothing causes more anxiety for some of your guests than figuring out what they will wear to your wedding! Nobody wants to wear the wrong thing and feel like they somehow "missed the memo." Here are some tips for both couples planning their wedding to make this easier on their guests, and for guests to find a little peace of mind while choosing their outfit.
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Sustainable Wedding Tips: Florals

Posted in Sustainable Wedding Tips, Wedding Advice on Apr 17, 2024

Let's talk flowers! There's so much debate, controversy and discussion about wedding flowers, and so many misconceptions about what is sustainable and what isn't. First off, let's explain conventionally grown flowers. Many of the giant beautiful arrangements and installations you see on Pinterest and Instagram include hothouse flowers, or flowers that have been shipped from around the globe. This shipping of course is one part of the carbon footprint, but another, less-considered issue is the amount of fungicides and pesticides used on them, as customs isn't terribly keen on non-native bugs c...
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Getting Married in the Woods - Color Considerations

Posted in Wedding Advice on Mar 07, 2021

Like any other venue, our setting has great influence on the colors, style, and design of your wedding. However, being set square in the middle of the woods, the thing that isn’t terribly obvious is how much the forest changes. I don’t mean the drastic change from Summer to Fall, Fall to Winter and Winter to Spring. Summer green changes through the season. Winter isn’t steadily brown-gray-neutral, either.
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Our Top Tips for Planning a Winter Wedding

Posted in Wedding Advice on Jan 05, 2021

Winters here in North Georgia/Eastern Tennessee are fairly mild and snow-free, often extending our wedding season through December and back as early as March
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How to Choose Your Wedding Vendors

Posted in Wedding Advice on Dec 18, 2020

Social media can make everyone look like a fabulous expert ready and willing to make your day surpass your expectations and meet all your dreams. If you don't have close friends who have gotten married recently, or are planning from a distance, you might be staring at a Google search that seems endless. How are you supposed to choose?
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Should You Get Married on a Monday?

Posted in Wedding Advice on Aug 20, 2020

As Saturdays in 2021 get scarce from all the moved 2020 weddings plus normal bookings, we have noticed a rise in requests for Monday weddings.
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