Mountain Forest Wedding Venue near Chattanooga

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Mountainside Site

The smaller of our two sites seating up to 100 comfortably, snugged right up against the ever-changing beauty of the mountain rocks to one side and a winter sunset views on the other.


Our forest wedding venue features a modern barn structure curiously situated amid forest trees and rocky mountainside slopes. The climate controlled space offers a fantastic location for receptions, and acts as a solid backup in case of rain. Seating for 115.

Forest Wedding Venue View Site

The larger of our two outdoor ceremony sites seats up to 115 comfortably on the sunset side of Lookout Mountain, and is a favorite location for outdoor reception dinners under the lights. Guests are seated among the trees, and a massive Grandmother Oak has overseen many a wedding ceremony.


Our professionally decorated bridal cottage makes the perfect space for getting ready in! Most packages include overnight stays, Friday night for a Saturday wedding or the night of for Sundays, Mondays and Thursdays.

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