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Early Spring

April is one month that changes so much it needs its own gallery. At the start of the month, the forest is just budding out, by the end of April we are fully leafed out and shaded again. March still looks a bit wintry here, so we've included photos from it in the "Winter" gallery.  ***We are updating these galleries to go by season instead of by space***

Spring Season

May and June are our popular Spring Season months. The temperatures are generally lovely as our shaded, mountainous setting keeps us cooler than the surrounding area, extending our time outdoors.


August and September are our Summer season. While temperatures during the day in August can be warm, the humidity has lessened and the evenings can be quite pleasant.


Fall is glorious. Our colors slowly begin in the middle of October, and reach a golden crescendo somewhere between the end of October and the first two weeks of November. The leaves will continue to hang on a bit through November, with a tree or two still in color at the end of the month.


December and March are what we consider to be our "winter" season, as we are closed in the months of January and February. Winters here are typically mild, though there are chances for ice and snow it is less in these two months than Jan/Feb.

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