Refined Barn Wedding Reception

Not what you think of as a barn venue...

It was an actual, working barn until we bought the property in 2016. Working with what was here, we poured the floor, added brick details, removed storage walls and stalls, added windows, painted it white, and built and designed new doors that let in light and views.

Our barn venue offers central heat and air to keep your guests comfortable, fun lighting details, and lots of doors to make it a transitory indoor-outdoor space.

We've designed it to be a charming blank slate, ready to dress up or down as you see fit. Add draping, greenery, uplighting, furniture, crazy cool installs... we are here for allll the fun and always happy to help dream up more ideas for this space.

The space also doubles as your "backup plan" for rain -- and if it's looking possible, we will always have discussed a Plan B with you. Some couples love the rain plan so much they almost *want* it to rain!

Here's a link to the barn gallery for ideas! (Coming soon)

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