Sustainable, Green Weddings

What Makes Oakleaf Cottage a Green Wedding Venue

We're proud to offer an elevated touch of event planning and design, all while remaining true to offering environmentally sustainable, zero-waste weddings. Learn more about our decor inventory, eco-friendly services, and ultimately how we help ensure your wedding is gorgeous, elegant, and guilt-free.

Green Certified Venue

We are proud to share that Oakleaf offers sustainable weddings and events, and is green|light certified via green|spaces Chattanooga. To be certified as a green venue, we have integrated the following sustainable practices:

  • updated all light bulbs to LED lights, 
  • added drip irrigation, 
  • implemented rainwater collection, 
  • utilize low-flow toilets, and 
  • regularly collect and take all food waste to NewTerra Compost, where it is turned into useable garden soil (which we then pick up later for our native landscaping)!

Our goal is to produce only one contractor-size bag of trash from each wedding – and we are happy to say most weddings achieve this goal! When we first started weddings, we were appalled to discover how much trash can be generated; on average, six contractor bags full, with some weddings having twice as much as that. Our heartfelt thanks to every vendor, couple, and guest along the way who have aided in our sustainability efforts.

Sustainable Wedding Venue

All of our weddings include all the details that can make weddings even more elegant, while remaining eco-conscious. We work with you to reduce or eliminate waste with sustainable alternatives, and we handle all the sorting and recycling. You and your guests don't have to do anything but enjoy the party!

Contact us today to take the first step in making your dream wedding a reality, all while minimizing your carbon footprint! 

Our Location

Oakleaf is conveniently located near Chattanooga TN, bordering Cloudland Canyon State Park. We are an easy and scenic 24-minute drive from downtown Chattanooga, and an even 2 hours from Atlanta, Nashville, Knoxville and Birmingham. Please inquire for a list of nearby accommodations. Our 28-acre grounds ideally accommodate events with up to 115 guests.

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