Eco Friendly Weddings

What Makes an Event Venue "Green"?

Being situated amongst the natural beauty surrounding our wedding venue further instilled a deep appreciation and commitment to environmental stewardship.

While weddings offer the purest look at love and commitment, the wedding industry has generally not scaled in an eco conscious way. Weddings and events can be very wasteful, from plastic cups and cutlery and decorations intended for one-time use to perfectly good food and compostable food waste thrown in the trash; OakLeaf Cottage had committed to offering the most environmentally responsible wedding possible.

Frequently Asked Questions about Eco-Friendly Weddings

What does it take to be certified as a green venue?

Sustainable practices we have implemented include adding drip irrigation, rainwater collection, low-flow toilets, updating all light bulbs to LED lights, and regularly collecting and taking all food waste to compost.

What is drip irrigation?

It’s a type of micro-irrigation that conserves soil nutrients and minimizes waste by distributing water directly into the ground.

Where do you compost your food waste?

We transport it to NewTerra Compost where it is turned into usable garden soil (which we then pick up later for our native landscaping)!

Who are you green|light certified by?

We are proud to share we are green|light certified via green|spaces Chattanooga.

Does having a zero-waste wedding mean it has to be minimalist?

Not at all, at Oakleaf Cottage couples receive an elevated touch of event planning and design while also staying environmentally sustainable.

What work will I have to do to keep my sustainable wedding eco-friendly?

Our sustainable wedding packages include all the details to make weddings elegant while also being eco-conscious. We work with you to reduce or eliminate waste with sustainable alternatives and handle all the sorting and recycling. You don’t worry about anything other than enjoying your happiest day!

How much trash does Oakleaf Cottage typically produce with each wedding?

Our goal is to produce only one contractor-size bag of trash from each wedding.

How much trash do weddings typically produce?

When we first started hosting weddings we would end with, on average, six contractor bags full of waste.

What’s nearby Oakleaf Cottage?

Our 28-acre grounds are conveniently located near Cloudland Canyon State Park.

How long is the drive to Oakleaf Cottage from Chattanooga, TN?

We are an easy and scenic 24-minute drive from downtown Chattanooga, and 2 hours from Atlanta, Nashville, Knoxville, or Birmingham.


Oakleaf Cottage recently was a presenter for the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation's webinar for the hospitality industry to help promote sustainable business practices. The webinar highlights real-world applications and best practices that businesses could implement to improve their environmentally sustainable performance.

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Tennessee Department of Environmental Conservation Presentation -- Oakleaf Cottage is 25 minutes in

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