Getting Married on a Monday?

Posted on Aug 20, 2020


As Saturdays in 2021 become rare thanks to all the moved 2020 weddings plus normal bookings, we've noticed a trend in inquiries looking for a Monday wedding.

At first, we thought it was an odd choice. We've had the occasional Tuesday or Thursday wedding, and Friday's have always been a thing. But then we started thinking more on it, and it's truly brilliant.

Most of our weddings are destination -- fully 90% of our couples are not from the Chattanooga area, and we are either central to long distance family or friends, or the area has a sentimental significance to them or their families. Chattanooga's sweet little airport is a breeze to navigate, and Atlanta's major hub makes a little puddle jump flight to the 'Noog a breeze.

In most of our Friday or Saturday weddings, our couple's guests often take the weekend to explore Northwest Georgia and Chattanooga after the wedding. We are often asked of lesser-known parks to visit, restaurants, and fun places not to miss by guests as they wind down toward the end of the party.

So here's a Monday wedding... and you can hang with your friends and family over the weekend BEFORE your wedding. Particularly if your guests are coming from any great distance, or internationally, there's a chance to actually spend time together as you finalize the tiny details and not just see them the day of the event. Besides, Monday is hardly the worst day of the week for your guests to take off from work even if they don't travel far (who loves Monday? Anyone?).

You might even relax beforehand, since you aren't running right from work to rehearsal. A spa day or time spent in a boat on the river sounds great to us.

Another benefit? With a rapidly filling 2021, chances of booking your favorite vendors just went up.

Locally, there is Cloudland Canyon State Park (literally next door) and the Lookout Mountain Flight Park is just up the road, where guests can take a tandem flight with an experienced hang glider. Chattanooga is loaded with fun things to see and do, and for the more reclusive and folk art-minded friends, we love to suggest Mentone Alabama.

Need a list of places to add to your website for friends and family to check out? Let us know -- we have our ear to the ground for all sorts of fun excursions and have partnered with some nearby hotels and vacation rentals for extra special deals to offer your guests.

All the Best!

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