Say Yes to a Blush Wedding Dress

Posted in Past Weddings on May 10, 2022

We're sure you've seen the plethora of black wedding dresses that are published by wedding design blogs around October 31, and SO many styled shoots now feature one as well. The fascination is in having something different, a dress that isn't white. Here's your permission slip to mix it up if you feel a white dress just isn't your vibe:

Lauren nailed the not white look with elegance and class with a timeless, floaty, blush tone wedding dress. We cannot WAIT to see the photos from her photographer, Alexis Dimmer (who happens to be the photographer who took photos of our first wedding here at Oakleaf, and that bride had an exciting color added to her ensemble as well).

Pink tones look SO amazing outside in early April -- and better yet, her daughter's dresses were the same soft blush tone, as was the Groom's tie! Ahhhhh we can't stand it!

Often with intimate weddings, we double up the dinner tables so they eat up more floor space. Something we often forget to mention is we can lower the star lights in the barn to table height, which again makes the space feel more cozy.

We've had folks ask what we use as a shuttle -- given the steepness of our hill, we feel a golf cart might not be in anyone's best interest, particularly after a glass or two of champagne -- we found minivans work the best, are easy to get into, nimble for getting everyone up the hill quickly, and best of all -- heated or cooled depending on the weather.

Wedding date: April 3, 2022 All photos in this blog post are by Cameron Smith, of Noremac Studios, who takes a few photos on wedding day for the venue.

VENDORS Caterer: Lone Star Sweet Bar: Lone Star Sweet Cake: Lone Star Sweet Florist: Creekside Flower Farm Photographer: Alexis Dimmer Officiant: Shaun Mosely, Cue the Champagne

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