Tiny, young oyster mushrooms courtesy of a local mushroom farm were added to this perfect marriage of two biologists.

Mushroom Wedding Florals

Posted in Blog, Wedding Blog on May 31, 2022

What happens when two biologists tie the knot? You get one unusual, nature-filled wedding!
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Clumpies, Corgies, LaCroix & a Forest Full of Surprises

Posted in Blog, Wedding Blog on May 24, 2022

A late April wedding with fun surprises for their guests - and designed with the thought in mind of: If the forest were to put on a wedding, and you just happened upon it, what would it look like?
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A Snowy Georgia Mountain Wedding

Posted in Blog, Wedding Blog, Wedding in the Woods on Mar 15, 2022

A snowy mountain wedding in the forest at Oakleaf Cottage -- we don't often get snow past February out here in the Appalachain foothills, but our balmy spring-like weather had a brief but intense visit from Jack Frost this weekend!
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Events and Learning Workshops Near Chattanooga, Tennessee

Posted in Blog, Events on Apr 17, 2019

At Oakleaf Cottage, we're all about growth. We hope that our workshops are a way for creatives, teachers and life-long learners to come together in growth and connection. Our property offers a mental reset and change of pace - the perfect environment to focus and relax.
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