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Posted in Blog, Events on Apr 17, 2019

Learn a new skill, craft or instrument at one of our workshops, seminars, or events.

At Oakleaf Cottage, we're all about growth. We hope that our workshops are a way for creatives, teachers and life-long learners to come together in growth and connection. Our property offers a mental reset and change of pace - the perfect environment to focus and relax.

Set on the mounside of Lookout Mountain, our Oak Leaf hosted events are currently small in size, remaining around 20 people. It is our hope that we can give you a little peace, knowledge and serenity from the hustle of day-to-day life... and you might be able to take a little of that back with you. We hope you'll consider checking back frequently for updates to our offering of workshops and events open to the puclic.

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Are you a local crafter, writer, artist, musician, field guide or chef? We want to talk to you! Our desire is to have one event per month offering workshops, learning opportunities, cultural experiences, or skills – be they practical or not!

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