Year One

Posted on Jun 18, 2017

We cannot believe a year has passed since we purchased Oakleaf Cottage. A year ago today, we left the title office, packed a tiny overnight bag, an air mattress, a bottle of wine and our favorite celebratory glasses: a pair of gold-decked champagne flutes Dave’s mom found at auction. We treated ourselves to dinner at Canyon Grill, still trying to absorb what we had done, and what we needed to do. We dozed off with the full solstice moon shining blue through the uncovered windows, lulled by the sound of a pair of owls talking to each other across the night, and a soft breeze in the treetops. Da...
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Meeting Oakleaf Cottage

Posted on Jul 07, 2016

I’m still mentally trying to process how fast life changes. I’m sure Dave is, too. Since March, we have been on the hunt for a property. Dave has spent many days checking out listing after listing, driving distances and evaluating possibilities. We came close a few times to making offers, but each time, something would happen… and, I just wasn’t excited about the properties. We can make a lot of things work and go toward our dreams, but I always said to Dave “We would know the right place when we found it.” About 2 months ago, a house on 27 acres popped up on the market. As I skimmed the listi...
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