Magic in May

Unicorn Photoshoot & Then Some  |  May 19

Why should kids have all the fun? When we saw photographer Skye Blair offering unicorn photoshoots, we said the grown-ups need a party. Skye agreed, and she and her unicorn are joining us for an afternoon soiree you do NOT want to miss!

Let out your inner child, free yourself of those silly “adulting” worries, and escape to our enchanted forest on Sunday, May 19. We’ll have a little party in the cottage barn and lawn, and you can frolic (and get your photo taken) with a unicorn in the forest.

What to Wear: Anything boho, fun, or unusual! Dig that impractical dress from the back of your wardrobe, wear your wedding gown again, your favorite costume, your velvet suit or ruffled shirt, and step into our enchanted forest setting for an afternoon soiree.

More Details: A magical tea brew by Wildflower Tea Shop, a few delightful yummies by Sierra’s Cakewerks , flower crowns by Creighton’s Wildflowers and more on the way.

Time and Cost: 2pm – 6pm. $30  GET TICKETS