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Environmentally Responsible Weddings

It's impossible to be situated in such a beautiful spot and not feel deeply responsible for the environment. Weddings can be very wasteful, from paper and plastic plates to plastic cups and cutlery, decorations intended for one-time use to perfectly good food and compostable food waste thrown in the trash.

We are a sustainable wedding venue, the first in the area to be green|light certified via Chattanooga Green|Spaces. To be certified as a green venue, we changed all of our light bulbs to LED, added drip irrigation, rainwater collection, low-flow toilets, and collect and take all food waste to NewTerra Compost where it is turned into useable garden soil, which we then pick up later for our native landscaping!

Our packages include all the details that can make weddings even more elegant while being sustainable. We work with you to reduce or eliminate waste or come up with sustainable alternatives, and we and our staff do all the sorting for recycling in the background. You and your guests don't have to do anything but enjoy the party.

Our goal is to have one contractor-size bag of trash from each wedding -- and we are happy to say most weddings are reaching this milestone! When we first started weddings, we were appalled to discover how much trash can be generated - on average, six contractor bags full, with some weddings having twice as much as that. Our heartfelt thanks to everyone for helping us achieve our goals!

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