Nice Day for a White Wedding

Whew! Fall is THE time for weddings, and we had TWO photoshoots this weekend! It gave us a taste of what we can expect here at Oakleaf Cottage. It is so FUN watching the photographers work, and listen to the oohs and ahhs when people see the setting — not to mention how gorgeous the brides looked! It was very exciting and we loved every minute of it.


blog_ps1 The fall leaves have just been incredible, in spite of the drought. We are lucky to have any color at all, and also lucky that the smoke from all the wildfires near us mostly cleared for both shoots.



For one, we heavily decorated the barn – so fun!


These are all just my iPhone photos — but you get the picture. 🙂



Hillary of HMX Photography directing the bride and groom.

I can never get over those rocks! We used electric candles, so nobody panic. We are trying to help prevent forest fires! When I went back later in the night to retrieve the electric votives, I just stood there a while — the “candlelight” mingled with the rocks was magical. We WILL do more of that, for sure!



ArtTra Photography has given us a sneak peek at one of their images — we cannot wait to see them all!


Want to book a wedding with us? Contact us!

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