Nice Day for a White Wedding

Whew! Fall is THE time for weddings, and we had TWO photoshoots this weekend! It gave us a taste of what we can expect here at Oakleaf Cottage. It is so FUN watching the photographers work, and listen to the oohs and ahhs when people see the setting — not to mention how gorgeous the brides looked! It was very exciting and we loved every minute of it.


blog_ps1 The fall leaves have just been incredible, in spite of the drought. We are lucky to have any color at all, and also lucky that the smoke from all the wildfires near us mostly cleared for both shoots.



For one, we heavily decorated the barn – so fun!


These are all just my iPhone photos — but you get the picture. 🙂



Hillary of HMX Photography directing the bride and groom.

I can never get over those rocks! We used electric candles, so nobody panic. We are trying to help prevent forest fires! When I went back later in the night to retrieve the electric votives, I just stood there a while — the “candlelight” mingled with the rocks was magical. We WILL do more of that, for sure!



ArtTra Photography has given us a sneak peek at one of their images — we cannot wait to see them all!


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Sneak Peek

To say the last few weeks have been eventful would be an understatement. It’s been a whirlwind of paint, finishing, more paint, furniture installs, accessories and more paint. Did I say paint?


Cookie, our three-legged dog (or tripod) opted to pose in front of the cottage for this photo. The roof is actually black — the skies are so blue this time of year that the roof is like water, reflecting the color back to us.

The Cottage is nearly finished. We have some areas, namely the laundry and the downstairs bathroom that we still want to redo, but to see the final product has been exceedingly satisfying. It has become exactly what we wanted it to be: an ageless, relaxing space that invites visitors to stay a while.


We’ll do a full before/after unveiling after the remaining areas have photos taken 😉

Our first event Saturday was a smashing success. We hired a driver to bring guests up to the Cottage and back to their cars, which many commented felt very exclusive and posh. Friends played music, sat by a fire, nibbled and chatted in the kitchen, and came up with names for our newly completed rooms (you can view some of the rooms here)

It’s hard to say what is the favorite change. For me, it’s the kitchen. It has become so open and ready for hosting — I can just see all the wonderful meals that will be enjoyed here! This space makes you want to cook!


Bookings have begun to come in, and we are beginning to turn our attentions to the barn. It needs a little remodeling to make it a great place for events and learning seminars. We did play a little dress-up out there recently, installing the hardware needed for hanging curtains and prepping for photoshoots to take advantage of the gorgeous leaves.


Despite the drought, the leaves have been BRILLIANT — we can only imagine how they would be in a less dry year.


Full before/after post coming soon!

Cris & Dave

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